Relay for Life of Bridgewater

First Things First:

Sign up to participate right away and customize your personal fundraising page. Spend some time telling your story - you can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, but be sure to tell your visitors the specific reasons why you are participating in Relay For Life. Click the "sign up" link under "Event Information" on the Bridgewater Relay For Life

Then Comes the Ask:

Did you know that the number one reason people say they don’t donate is because no one ever asked them? Whether you are fundraising on your own or with a team, be sure to reach out to as many people as possible. Explain what you are doing and how they can help you. Ask people to be as generous as possible, and let them know that every gift of every size makes a difference.

Utilize Personal Participant Center:

From your personal page you can send emails and start asking people to read your story and make a donation online. You can start a letter-writing campaign. Put together a letter that tells your story, include a photograph or two of yourself and the person who is your Reason to Relay, and mail the letters to everyone in your address book. If you include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the letter, you'll be sure to get a reply!  If you can meet people in person, that's great, too. Ask for permission to set up a table outside a business that you patronize, or at a community event. Share information about Relay For Life, have Luminaria bags available for people to decorate, and collect donations. Remember, you are not doing this alone. The American Cancer Society offers you many great fundraising tips and tools to help you be successful. If you're ready for a challenge, visit the Fundraising Forum at for a variety of other ideas. And be sure to attend your Team Captain meetings for a wealth of resources available from your Relay committee members!

Remember to Say "Thank You"

Be sure to thank all of your donors. When friends and family make a gift in support of your efforts, give them a call or send them an email to express your gratitude. After you've experienced the Relay event, be sure to send a follow-up note or email (with photos!) telling them about your experience. It's a great way to share how much their support means to you. Thank you for choosing to be part of Relay For Life, and for making the decision to Fight Back!!!